Mother’s Day is less than a week away! if you’ve left it this late, then you know that you’re struggling to think of something to special to by that lovely woman in your life. Whether it’s your mum, godmother, grandmother, carer or even a friend; this blog post should have at least one thing which they would appreciate receiving.

Make-up Kit: Benefit Go Tropicoral

Skincare Kit: Clinique 3-Step

Bath Pamper Kit: Lush ‘Mum’


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The cleanser that I’ve been using has been Lush’s Angels on Bare Skin (£6.39 per 100g), a solid cleanser which claims to contain kaolin to absorb grease and dirt, lavender oil and rose absolute to calm the skin, leaving it toned and brightened and ground almonds which help to tone and brighten the skin. I have found that this cleanser really helps to soften my skin, and combined with moisturiser, helps to clear up any dry ‘spots’ which I have on my cheeks or my nose. My skin type doesn’t really change during the different seasons and I mostly have normal/oily skin which is prone to breakouts from face products, but it is also sensitive. Angels on Bare Skin is recommended for skin which is dry and/or sensitive skin, but I have found that this cleanser has helped me bring back some of the needed moisture which I have been taking out of my skin with harsh products. However, I will be going back to my closest lush store when summer arrives to try and find a solid cleanser which has the same softening and hydrating properties as Angles on Bare skin, but I would want something more exfoliating for the warmer weather.

I have recently added toning into my routine so by using Tea Tree Water toner from Lush. A toner which is antibacterial and claims to help keep away the bacterial which causes spots and it also removes traces of dirt or make up left over from cleansing. I have found this cleanser to be slightly drying on my skin and I will make sure that I defiantly follow up with a moisturiser straight after toning. I also think that this toner has been irritating my skin causing the spots under my skin to become inflamed… but, this toner has received 4.5/5 stars on the Lush website from their reviews so I will definitely be giving this toner another go and fight through it to help my skin become use to the idea of being toned.

In my head I’m always searching around for new moisturisers and trying to find ones which work for me… but in reality I always stick to the same ones as I think that all of them are over priced. In the past I would always look for moisturisers which are oil-free and/or targeted for oily skin, but I have found that they aren’t doing much for my skin (moisture wise). I picked up The Fab Pore from Soap and Glory whist it was on offer at Boots and I have found that it has really ticked all of the boxes that I want from a moisturiser. it claims to reduce sticky spots, minimise the appearance of large pores, boots levels of moisture whilst being mattifying and brightens and removes dull skin sells ✓✓✓ I think that this moisturiser basically does what it says on the tin- it brightens my skin and it also gives me the moisture that I want. I will definitely be continuing the use of this product into the summer months.

Everyone has something which they hoard… lip balm is mine. After having reactions to most lip balms like Nivea, and no interest in premium lip balms, I decided to try out the Palmer’s Original Moisturising Lip Balm. This lip balm keeps your lips hydrated with minor uses throughout the day. You can definitely tell that you have a lip balm on as your lips will feel slightly wet, but this doesn’t bother me at all as it isn’t sticky in the slightest. Definitely my new favourite lip balms and I want to buy multiple so that I have one for everywhere I go.

- Kirsten♥

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It’s the first of March and Spring is ‘officially’ starts in TWENTY days, oh my gosh. throughout February I’ll I’ve been wanting to do is go shopping for summer clothing, but I’d defiantly look crazy dressing like that in this British weather, and if you aren’t wanting it to be warmer, drier or just want it to be May already like I do; this blog post is for you. How to get into the Spring Spirit:

1. Make your home smell like Spring!

My favourite scents are ‘fresh’ scents which have a hint of fruitiness, even during A/W. To do this I would: Light a candle, buy strong scented bath products, or I would buy, or even make, a room spray.

I find that candles either make me want to be productive or they make me want to fall asleep because they’re just so relaxing. (it’s a good thing that tea lights burn out on their own, oops!) The scents that I would recommend are Yankee Candle- Under The Palms which has that fresh spring into summer scent which reminds be of being abroad as it has a hint of coconut, palm leaves and sea grass mixed in. Yankee Candle- Garden Sweet Pea with hints of pear, peach, freesia and rosewood. Heyland and Whittle- Green Tea & Grapefruit, a crisp citrusy scent with an oriental green tea fragrance, and The White Company- Verveine, an uplifting blend of citrus, verbena, orange and lemon.

2. Do some online Spring and Summer window shopping!

Brands are bringing out some lovely looking things right now, so get onto YouTube and start watching some haul videos to start you off and get you into the shopping mood! Have an afternoon to yourself to pop into town and look at the manikins and new collections which stores are bringing out, treat yourself to a refreshing drink, then start switching some of the new make-up collections.

This past week Lush have recently brought out their Easter and Mother’s day collection, but who says that you have to be a mother or have to wait another month to treat yourself? get onto the website and start looking at the cute bunny bubble bars, orange scented bubble bars, tropical soaps which are shaped like carrots, freshly fragranced relaxing bath bombs and my personal favourite- the cute Mumkin bubble bar.

3. Do some Spring cleaning and buying!

Once you’ve got some time for yourself after going out with friends to get over the January Blues, spend sometime indoors over the weekend to clear your mind and organize your season by buying yourself that storage unit that you wanted from Muji which will motivate you into throwing away your unwanted make-up and old skincare products, buy some running shoes and an exercise mat so that you can start feeling more confident for summer, or even dedicate yourself to one of Jillian Michaels 30-day workouts or Blogilates with Cassey. All of these things combined will hopefully de-stress you and make you look forward to fun summer!


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Zara’s TRF collection is SOO on point and up my street right now. Here’s just some of the things that I am interested in from the collection: (Left to Right)

5 Pocket Trousers

Girl Print T Shirt

Draped Skirt

SS14 Jumper with Printed Back

Open Back Dress

Striped Velour Dress

Dress With Combined Top

Poplin Shirt

Faux Leather Jacket

- Kirsten♥

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 Kirsten’s Wishlist:

1. Kurt Geiger Short Leather Chelsea Boots (buy here)

2. Mono Leather Converse (white) (black)

3. Clarks Originals Desert Boots (buy here)

4. Zara Leather Ankle Boot With Buckle (buy here)

5. Doc Martens 1461, Patent Black (buy here)

 Laila’s Wishlist:

1. ASOS Revolution Ankle Boots (buy here)

2. Juju Maxi Black Flat Sandals (buy here)

3.Original Short Hunters (buy here)

4. ASOS Arthur Leather Chelsea Ankle (buy here)

5. Doc Martens 101, smooth black (buy here)

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Stay Young, Go Dancing - Death Cab for Cutie

Winter Winds - Mumford and Sons

Welcome Home, Son - Radical Face

Here We do Again - Angus and Julia Stone

Cats and Dogs - The Head and The Heart

Winter Song - The Head and The Heart

Someone for Everyone - This Century

Oliver James - Fleet Foxes

White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes

Bonfire Heart - James Blunt

The Sound of Settling - Death Cab for Cutie

Skeletons - This Century

Love and Drugs - The Maine

On My Own - Les Mis, The Motion Picture Soundtrack

A Little Full of Rain - Les Mis, The Motion Picture Soundtrack

Flesh and Bone - The Killers

Human - The Killers

Bruised - Jack’s Mannequin

Cannibal Queen - Miniature Tigers

Flowers in Your Hair - The Lumineers

Hey Ho - The Lumineers

Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood

Holiday From Real - Jack’s Mannequin

Find Something to Do - Hellogoodbye

When We First Met - Hellogoodbye

The Kids Aren’t Alright - The Offspring

Ever Fallen in Love With Someone - The Buzzcocks

My Perfect Cousin - The Undertones

One Headlight - The Wallflowers

 - Kirsten♡

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On Boxing Day every year, Lush usually have 50% off OR buy one get one free on their Christmas products and gift boxes in store and online. My closest Lush store was already out of some of the Christmas Edition bath bombs, all of the soaps and the 100g and 250g bottles of Snow Fairy by 10:00 am.

Ponche Shower Gel 250g- £4.48

Rose Jam Shower Gel 250g- £4.63

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly 100g- £1.63*

Shoot for the Stars Bath Ballistic- £1.63

Lord of Misrule Bath Ballistic- £3.30 (full price, here until spring)

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Ballistic- £1.70

Father Christmas Bath Ballistic- £1.63

Cinders Bath Ballistic- £1.23

*some permanent Lush products were also included in the 50% off sale, this included some of their products which were made before a certain date in December. (The shower jelly that I picked up was made on 06/12/2013)

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Whether you’re trying to save money or put everything in your wardrobe to use, using clothing items for different reasons is the best way to do it. Trying to think of different outfits to wear every day for college, (it really isn’t a big deal as everyone usually wears jeans and a tshirt) using these tips will save you money and probably time in the mornings.

Tights- I mostly lean towards 60 denier tights from August to mid-june as they are opaque but shows some skin on your your thighs and knees when you are in a sitting position and they also keep you warm in autumn/ winter and let warmth out in warmer months. If you are wanting more opaque, warmer tights, I would suggest buying some 100 dernier tights as they are warm and don’t feel thick and heavy like wool usually does. You can also wear  them under your bottoms to keep your legs warm.

Leggings- “don’t wear leggings as pants” is something that I usually say a lot. However, I will forgive you if you actually wear a top which covers your behind. I have recently been wearing leggings with an oversized slouchy jumper which comes maybe just above thigh length and also wearing a jersey pencil skirt under it to keep my thigh warm.
*leggings can also be worn under dresses as tights and under jeans and trousers to keep your legs warm in winter.

Jeans- A good pair of jeans can last you a long time- I have actually had a pair of jeans for THREE years and….. they were from Primark! (Back when they did thick, cheap jeans which were amazing quality) They are also staples for a wardrobe as they can be worn with any tops and they can also be worn all year round. In my opinion I think that light/ mid blue jeans and black jeans are the most versatile for ever season.

Pencil jersey skirts- I have been wearing a pencil skirt with tights when I wear jumpers or a tshirt to make my outfit appropriate and to also create more warmth. They can also be worn under dresses and skater skirts to create a slip.

Long sleeve tshirts- they can be worn on their own or layered under jumpers as a thermal layer.

Oversized jumpers- oversized jumpers can be worn over tights, skirts, leggings and jeans and they can also keep you warm as there is room to add layers underneath.

Cardigans and Hoodies- they can be thrown on top of any outfit and can keep you warm. I would style them under a black leather/ PU jacket with it showing at the bottom and sides with the hood over the back.

Knee high socks- they can be paired on their own, over tights,  under tights or under or over jeans to create warmth and style if you wear them under boots with the top poking out.

Socks- I like to wear cut out boots but all of my socks are printed. I usually just pop on some black trainer socks over my printed ones and have the print showing at the top of the shoes.

Trainers and ankle boots- trainers can be worn all year round and they can also last a long time, and so can a good pair of ankle boots which look best in either black or tan to match most outfits.

I hope this post gave you some ideas for the next time you open your wardrobe! 

- Kirsten♡

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top - ebay 

skirt - ebay 

necklace - diy

bag - primark 

these were taken a very long time ago, just before when i moved back into my house. i took these myself and was really happy with how the self timer worked, but god it was frustrating, and maybe i wont be doing it again. welllll this was me one year ago ahaha, man i have changed so much, i had old dip dyed hair which was manky and gross and never going to dip dye again, my face could never crack a smile but i try every now and then haha. 

i love this outfit, the colourful red skirt which is a bold statemnet colour and i did love my jewllery at this time, especially my peace necklace i put together i wore it throughout the whole summer. im not really a ring type of person so thought it would look really cool for the pictures which they do. my bracelets i also loved, but lost within a week. 

i do love these pictures and photography is something i enjoy. 

hope your all having a fab summer and sorry i have been a bit mia and making kirsten do all the work.

much love 


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I managed to get my hands on one of the Maybelline Babylips before the came out on the shelves last weekend. I’ve been patiently waiting for over a year for them to be released here in the UK and it has finally happened! You can but them from Boots or Superdrug RRP £2.99

Cherry Me is a dark fushia colour which is red in the tube but more of a pinky red on the lips. The colour tinted Babylips do not have SPF 20 like the clear ones and Maybelline claims that they give intense care with 8hr hydration. My opinion is that they do make your lips feel smoother/ softer but I wouldn’t say that they keep my lips hydrated for 8 hours as it is more like 2 and a half. It doesn’t really taste like a cherry but it definitely smells like them and I smell the product more times than I actually put it on. Also you will need to apply quite it quite a few times of you want a bold colour instead of it being sheer, but as a person who applies lip balm quite vigorously this doesn’t bother me. I am also not to keen on the variety of shades that they have out right now and I may only purchase Peach Kiss and Hydrate out of the 6 until they bring out Grape Vine.



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